Custom G Logo

Custom G Logo

Detail, sophistication, originality, uniqueness, minimalism, purity

Also is our logo! It is because it is about you!
Each one of you is original, unique, sophisticated...
Each one of you can instantly become a designer and design your own design!
It is not a complete design, it is not just about the color...

6 Lines one G

Custom G consists of 6 successive lines. This means that you can choose up to 6 different colors you want on your product. Just write us from 1 to 6 colors in the order note and in what order they should be (1 - the smallest inner line, 6 - the largest outer line) and we will take care of the others. There are also 3 variants of the logo size - 4x4cm, 5x5cm and 6x6cm.

So it might look like this:

2019 & collab

Oh and not to forget.
If you have a long-term idea of designing a T-shirt, sweatshirt, coat, skirt ... whatever, do not hesitate to engage in a new project starting from 2019, where collaboration with promising talents of the Slovak fashion world will play the main role! Feel free to adjust your gaze to yourself ->

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